APRIL 2013
Perish the winter! AudibleMind was tired of the long and bitterly cold winter and yet he had the motivation to create this new song "Indecisa" which was to evoke the warm and pleasant days again. So "andiamo a ballare" - Olé!
Picture 43
Clip production in Trossingen Back in his hometown, AudibleMind recorded the video for "Picture 43"  in the Black Forest. And through a photo found, he is inspired by the story of a girl, fighting hard for her freedom. Enjoy it!
The Dome
MAY 2010
Economics and music While studying B. Administration in Hessen, the inspiration came to “I woke up" (with a smile). After the recording was completed in the studio, the video clip was filmed in the beautiful, idyllic surroundings of Fulda.
I woke up (with a smile)
Scosse nel tempo
A true story AudibleMind inspired by a very sad story of a young man from a small village in southern Italy immortalized by a ballad "Scosse nel tempo". His fate is told with a melody. A call to look forward to and enjoy every day, as if it were the last. Life is too short to stand still... !
Nostalgic memories AudibleMind returns in his thoughts back to his childhood and youth. It is impossible to turn back time but what remains are many beautiful moments that you will never forget. Deep somewhere within us is still a small child and if we are honest we would all like to return now and again. Well... there you are ;-)
Official Website Official Website
Guest appearance at the Dome Out of 200 participants, AudibleMind won the first place at the “Pickup” - Song Contest and consequently was invited to play at the Tui Arena in Hannover in front of 15.000 spectators performing his winning song.
Healing Wounds
Healing Wounds... AudibleMind dedicates his new single to those who in their lives find time to look back at their hopes, disappointments and goodbyes. All that has broken our wings and yet life goes on... because the light is within us, in our soul... always!
Will bleiben
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