Emerging from the former Stuttgart Pop/Rock Band AudibleMind is a singer and songwriter Marco Caprino.  His musical career to date is still under the same name, as he continues as a solo artist. Thoughts and the expression of appropriate moods and emotions are the epitome of creativity of AudibleMind.
These include concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. One of the biggest successes include winning a song contest guest appearance on TV "The Dome" and several of his works are played in the Germany, U.S.A. and Italy.
Already as a child, Marco from Trossingen (Germany), developed a strong interest in music. Apart from guitar and drum lessons at the age of 15 he composed his first song - numerous pieces followed. A few years later he formed a band. Furthermore, there were, apart from well-known cover songs also original compositions. This important period of his life which influenced him greatly, proved to be an important basis for his further musical development and is reflected in his songs.  
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With a figurative language, including metaphor - like similarities, emotional events and associated thoughts are usually set to music. The partly profound poetic texts are often carried forward by melodic sounds patterns. The gift to write pop and rock songs in English, German and Italian rounds off his skills. Until then, always acting as band leader singer and guitarist, he was able to gain valuable stage experience in various groups over many years.
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